Heartland 4 Kidz preschool’s goal is to give a child a head start in their educational journey while incorporating a bible based curriculum.  We strive to meet all Indiana Educational Standards as well as the local area school district standards for kindergarten readiness.  We believe that early development is fundamental to the growth of your child.  At H4K, we strive to help your child grow with cognitive, social and emotional development.  By the end of your experience with our program, we want all children to be socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually ready for kindergarten.  We want to instill a love of learning for children that continues beyond our program.  To do this, classes take a hands-on approach to learning and learn through play with various methods in classrooms.  Class offerings begin at the age of 3 and potty trained (independently caring for one self in the bathroom).  We continue to foster learning through the age of 5 or ready to head off to kindergarten.